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Development Process

Our unique development methodology is structured in such a way to continuously prioritize and deliver. Our process allows for a flexible and adaptive workflow, minimizing the traditional challenges associated with software development. This agile strategy ensures that the customer receives a feasible deliverable based on backlog items at the beginning of the development cycle and clearly understands the product’s design feasibility. This development methodology is supplemented by our fast feedback loop ensuring a rapid turnaround on project tasks.

We develop on a sprint basis. For each sprint, work is defined and we have a deliverable to be demonstrated to the client and a touch-point to ensure we are delivering on schedule, on budget and within scope. Any features outside of immediate scope can be added to the backlog and prioritized ahead of those identified for upcoming sprints at any time, allowing our client the flexibility to evolve as needed, by redefining priorities following the planning stage.


Our Developers are all recruited, trained, and employed or contracted by Responsive Consulting Inc. We do not outsource our development to any other company or region. We are an efficient and productive team with the resources to quickly scale based on project requirements and workload. All of our staff are client-oriented and strive to create relationships to achieve the common goal of delivering the best product for our clients.

Technology Stack

Responsive Consulting Inc is a full-stack development firm and has experience with virtually all technology frameworks and languages. Our consultative approach allows us to recommend the best technology solution for each unique project. Our goal is to create a strong, clean code-base that allows our clients to easily support the solution with their own staff internally, should and when they choose to do so.


Why Us?

Agency Agency
Agile Workflow

Our unique development methodology is structured in such a way to continuously prioritize and deliver. This strategy allows the client to receive a feasible prototype based on proof of concept at the beginning of the development cycle and clearly demonstrates the product’s design feasibility and marketability up-front.

Design Thinking

Our development workflow deploys a design-thinker strategy through identifying the problem, working through a network of alternative solutions in the process of ideation before refining the most effective solutions through agile iteration.


Through a human-centric approach to software development we leverage the skill-set of our software engineers’ human problem-solving capabilities with the computational intelligence of software tools. Our human-centric approach emphasizes the communicability of the product’s core features through intuitive methods for exhibiting the product’s value added potential.

Frequently asked questions

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Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. Instead of the traditional waterfall style where large chunks of work are released less often, an agile team delivers work in small but consumable increments. Requirements, plans, and results are evaluated continuously as the project evolves.

No. While technology is our niche, our recruitment team has experience in virtually every industry and position type. We can help no matter what your staffing needs may be.

Once the project scope has been defined, our pricing is based on a fixed cost per sprint. Our clients are always involved in the requirements gathering and sprint planning so they know exactly what is being worked on during each sprint.

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